Hockey Staff


Scott Bonner

Executive Vice President & General Manager

Claude Noel

Head Coach




Matt Erhart

Assistant Coach


Yogi Svejkovsky

Skills Coach


Ian Gallagher

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Eli Wilson

Goaltending Consultant

Nick Murray

Athletic Therapist


Shingo Sasaki

Equipment Manager


Steve Fera

Education Coordinator


Elaine Larmour

Billet Coordinator


Levi Stuart

Video Coordinator


Matt Dyck

Dressing Room Attendant

Jason Ripplinger

Director of Player Personnel


Terry Bonner

Scouting Director


Dean Nazaruk

Scouting Director


Glen Carrier

Director of USA Scouting


Kelly Kursteiner

Vancouver Island Scout


Chris Bond

Northern BC Area Scout


Kim Barnstable

BC Interior Area Scout


Dennis McKinnon

Kootenay Area Scout


John Glen

Northern Alberta Area Scout


Russ Smart

Central Alberta Area Scout


Geoff Wowk

Edmonton Area Scout


Mike Green

Edmonton Area Scout


Will Grisdale

Calgary Area Scout


Bob Byers

Southern Alberta Area Scout


Bill Gibson

Saskatchewan Area Scout


Angus Moar

Manitoba Area Scout


Arne Pappin

California Area Scout

     Bill West, MD Medical Director/Team Physician  
     Martin Ray, MD Game Physician
     Raj Attariwala, MD Game Physician
     Peter Macdonald, MD         Game Physician
     Gord Bird, MD Game Physician
     Richard Chan, MD Game Physician
     Steve Blyth, MD Game Physician
     Jeff Enns Lead Team Liaison
     Hank Enns Team Liaison
     Dave Scott Team Liaison
     Keith Lim, DMD Team Dentist
     Mark Parhar, DMD Game Dentist
     Baha Azizi, DMD Game Dentist
     Randy Allan, DMD Game Dentist
     Peter Kearney, DMD Game Dentist
     Glenn Cashman, DC Team Chiropractor
     Khaled Dossa, DC Team Chiropractor
     Ali Walizada, DC Team Chiropractor
     Travis Wolsey Team Physiotherapist
     Jen Jones Team Physiotherapist
     Ryan Murray Team Physiotherapist
     Dave Fleming Team Physiotherapist
     Jesse Manhas, OD Team Optometrist 
     Jason Lau, OD Game Optometrist 
     Mike Gilbart, MD Orthopaedic Director 
     Rick Kendall, MD Orthopaedic Consultant 
     Tom Lu, MD  Orthopaedic Consultant 
     Fay Leung, MD  Orthopaedic Consultant